US President Visit to the UK

“The British American Business BAB business community welcomes the visit of the US President to the UK. We do believe the visit reflects the importance of the transatlantic relationship. We hope it will offer even more momentum to the encouraging discussions on UK-US Trade and Investment. 

We fully appreciate the complexities for the UK and the US Government in forging a trade deal, particularly in light of the UK Government White Paper released today.

But we do believe in the benefits of a deal and will work towards helping find a way that allows for the UK to trade frictionless with the EU while having the flexibility to deepen relationship with the US.

We also hope the visit will help taking out some of the tension in the tariff debate. But we do believe the discussion must address the cause of the issue also!

We call on a reaffirmation of the enormous success of the US -UK relationship, which we see as a cornerstone of the Western security alliance and our economies’ successes.”


Secretariat for the British-American Business Council (BABC)