Sherille Layton

Sherille Layton

British born and a dedicated Torontonian, now living in the Lawrence Park community, Sherille has spent her working life building relationships. After travelling the World as an international merchandise buyer in London and Hong Kong, Sherille immigrated to Canada to utilize her gifts in a new endeavor, Real Estate.

Passionate about homes, she has been a homeowner since her early twenties. She enjoys working with Buyers and Sellers at any stage in life. She also understands the merits and expectations when working with today’s international Buyers and Sellers, especially where immigration is involved.

She is well known as a negotiator who listens and communicates with a trustworthy approach
resulting in repeated client satisfaction. One of her main strengths is perseverance, finding
clients a home and completing the task gives Sherille the greatest satisfaction.

As a young girl in London, having trained in performing arts, Sherille is creative and disciplined.
She and her husband Edward are devoted parents to their young daughter, Lily who keeps
them active and on their toes!

Empathetic, precise and professional she is the perfect choice as your REALTOR®.

What is your experience of a glass ceiling?
I have not been directly affected by a glass ceiling environment in my work place. I have been
an entrepreneur and working in real estate for the last 14 years. However, there have been
times in my career that I have been undervalued because I am female and a working mother. I
am very persevering and, therefore, have not allowed that to hinder my confidence.

What advice do you have for others in business, particularly women?
The workplace is more competitive than ever before. I certainly feel that in the last 12 months,
women are coming together more and not allowing their worth to go unnoticed, financially or
professionally. There are more networks being built for women to air their voices. Many are
disappointed within the corporate environment and are looking to start their own thing whether it be in the same professional field or a complete career change. My advice would be to keep a
strong vision of your wants and needs. To rise to the occasion and to be passionate about what
you do.

What do you think the #MeToo movement needs to do in order to make a huge impact in
women’s professional lives?
I feel that the #MeToo movement is already making quite an impact. It is very much a topic of
conversation especially in a room full of women that feel safe to speak openly. I think there
should be more forums. There must be a way to make an impact, be taken seriously as that is
the essence of many a woman’s worry.