Letter to the British Consul General Toronto and Director

newsletter53photoApril 8, 2013

Mr. Jonathan Dart
British Consul General Toronto and Director
British Consulate General, UKTI Canada
College Park 777 Bay St, Ste 2800
Toronto, ON M5G 2G2

Dear Jonathan:

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the BCCTC and, I am sure, all of our members, please accept our sincere condolences for the passing of Baroness Margaret Thatcher.  No doubt this is a loss for both Great Britain and the world.

Echoing the words of your current Prime Minister, David Cameron,  “We\’ve lost a great leader, a great Prime Minister and a great Briton.”  She will be remembered by her courage and dedication in making Britain Great again.  She was a tremendous influence in the world, especially Canada.

We would like join you in saluting the legacy of Baroness Thatcher.

Best regards,

Dean Smith
British Canadian Chamber of Trade and Commerce
Tel. (416) 644-1182
Email: dean@bcctc.ca