Fern Horine

Fern Horine is the Deputy British Consul General to Toronto.

“In Canada, I’m delighted to be part of a great network including many fantastic women colleagues: two of our Consuls-General are female and the incoming High Commissioner, Susan Le Jeune, will be the UK’s first female High Commissioner to Canada. Also, the UK’s Trade Team in Canada is almost all female – 11 of my 13 strong team are women. Their job is to support British businesses develop and win business here in Canada.

On February 27 Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, announced the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s first Special Envoy for Gender Equality, Joanna Roper. Joanna will spearhead the UK’s efforts to deliver a coherent international approach to ensuring the rights of women and girls.”


What is your experience of a glass ceiling?

The toughest glass ceiling I’ve had to deal with is the one I imposed on myself by holding myself back from going for a promotion or opportunity I thought I wasn’t ready for.

What advice do you have for others in business, particularly women?

Don’t be afraid to promote yourself, your brand and take risks to achieve your goals.

What is your opinion on quotas and the gender pay gap?

Gender equality is a top policy priority for the British government. The equal rights of women are enshrined in international law, yet no country in the world has achieved gender equality and the ‘gender gap’ is predicted to last until 2186. Empowering women and girls improves peace and stability, good governance, economic growth and poverty reduction.