Commonwealth Business Forum

April 16, 2018 @ 9:00 am – April 18, 2018 @ 7:00 pm

52 Commonwealth Nations to gather in London, April 2018 on trade, business and investment

In April 2018, for the frst time since 1997, the UK will host Commonwealth leaders for the 25th Commonwealth Heads of Government

Meeting (CHOGM); representing the interests of over 2.4 billion people. Throughout the week leading up to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), 2,000 top leaders from business, politics, cvil society and culture will come together to showcase the Commonwealth’s vibrant and diverse network. This is a truly unique and historic opportunity to promote and celebrate the very best of the Commonwealth to a global audience.

With a combined GDP of US$13 trillion by 2020 it is estimated that the Commonwealth Advantage of shared values, regulatory systems and language, makes trade costs on average 19% lower between Commonwealth countries.

The Commonwealth Business Forum is an integral part of the CHOGM and brings together businesses critical to trade and investmen t with governments to debate the issues facing their countries in 2018 and beyond. Organised by the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment

Council (CWEIC), working with the host government of the United Kingdom, and in partnership with the City of London, this top level business gathering is only accessed by special invitation and will be held across three iconic London venues.

The Commonwealth Business Forum is a unique platform for dialogue, bringing together business and leaders from across the Commonwealth.

• The 11th CBF and the frst held in the UK in 20 years
• Addressed by Commonwealth Heads of Government
• Up to 800 CEOs and board members of leading global companies
• Participation from Commonwealth trade delegations
• 40+ sessions on key economic and business themes
• VIP Areas, exclusive networking and bespoke events
• Online business to business meeting booking system for CBF

CBF 2018 will address the key themes of
• Accessing modern fnancial services
• Easing the pathway for business and growth
• Harnessing Commonwealth technology and innovation
• Creating a new attitude to sustainable business
• Mobilising an export economy
• Attracting inward investment

Your Opportunity
• Unparalleled commercial exposure through an international and high profle event and worldwide media coverage,with ongoing content and networking opportunities
• Showcase the very best of your brand and its relevance to Commonwealth nations as this trading body gains new prominence in our changing world
• Align with and have your say on the key objectives and values of the Commonwealth Summit
• Engage with International trade delegations
• Network with senior business leaders and key global consumers

Per invitation only, contact us at

With up to 30 Heads of State expected to attend, the registration process will take some time as each invitation will require accreditation and security checks. Delegates should be registered by the beginning of February so nominations should be sent as soon as possible. This will provide both nominees with ample time to complete the registration process.

To find out more about sponsorship, speaking and partnership opportunities please contact: Carolyn Meier, DL: +44 (0) 20 7104 6189, Email: