Briar Emond

Briar earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Guelph University, after which she explored careers in finance as well as film and television production. Briar was bit by the bug while finger painting with her children. That quickly led to a daily endeavor of expanding her knowledge and skills in the realm of visual arts. Her current work highlights the mathematical sequencing that is the foundation of our reality, hoping to catch a glimmer of the awe that surrounds us, both visually and emotionally.


What is your experience of a glass ceiling?

I have never been in an industry long enough to hit the glass ceiling myself but years in banking did show me how prevalent and pervasive it is.

What advice do you have for others in business, particularly women? 

Find an industry that interests and excites you, then go for it. Be the most you, you can be and dive in. Learn everything you can about it and figure out what only you can contribute. Then it feels like a personal mission and not just a job. Work with good people in good companies. Be generous and support others.

What is your opinion on quotas and the gender pay gap?

I have a hard time with quotas. I want the right people for the right jobs but without quotas the right people might not be given the chance. The gender pay gap is insulting and illegal, not much more to say about that!

Are you aware of government certifications and schemes for women in business?

No, I am a full time mom and I paint; neither are considered businesses by the government! Having said that, I love what this initiative is trying to accomplish. The discussion and spotlight must continue for us to truly correct and create equality in the workplace.