BCCTC on UK Referendum outcome

United Kingdom votes to leave the European Union.

Yesterday, the British electorate made a historic decision to leave the European Union. As a result of the vote, British Prime Minister, David Cameron, announced his resignation this morning. It is expected that a new Prime Minister will be selected in the fall.

My team and I would like to reassure everyone (especially our members) that this result has no impact whatsoever on our operations and our commitment to your business needs and the Canada-UK relationship.

With our partners in the UK, Europe, Canada and the U.S., we will be working with our members to help them to stay ahead of events. We will be sharing their best insights and analysis, providing information that will help you protect and move forward in your transatlantic business interests with the UK.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or the team if you have any questions or concerns.

Best regards,

Dean Smith
National President
Tel: 416-644-1182
E-mail: dsmith@bcctc.ca

Tom O’Carroll
Tel: 905 891 5656
Email: tocarroll@bcctc.ca

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