Anne Popoff

Anne was born in Paris, France and has lived, studied and worked in several countries before and after immigrating to Canada. Following an international career in Investment Banking and Microfinance, Anne embraced a second career in the wine industry. As a certified sommelier and holder of the prestigious Diploma from WSET, she is also a noted International wine judge. 

Anne has previously worked with Sopexa (Wines of France) and consulted for Wine Australia, managing wine-related projects. TasteSense Communications Ltd. combines her interpersonal relationship skills, her love of wine, food and travel, and of course, her ability to organize a great event.

What is your experience of a glass ceiling?

One of  the industries I worked in was managed by 3 men in the top 3 positions.  Even though the women in the company worked very hard, overtime and generally made things happen, they were not acknowledged to rewarded for it.  The pay was whatever they could get away with unless you complained and even then.  On the other hand, the work was fun and there were definite perks.  In hindsight, I think that this was the nature of those 3 men and the nature of the women who worked there.  The women put up with all this too, let’s not forget.Of course there was also a large turnover, once the women had had enough, but that is a vicious circle.

What advice do you have for others in business, particularly women?

Don’t underestimate yourself.  Nobody misses an opportunity to make you feel less worthy.

What is your opinion on quotas and the gender pay gap?

Not a fan of quotas because this means that less competent people may get the job. Gender pay gap is a huge issue and needs to be dealt with asap. The reasoning that a woman cam become pregnant is very shortsighted since some of those babies will become the new leaders, so support should be given!

Are you aware of government certifications and schemes for women in business?

Yes, but they are not always easy to acquire, especially for women who are starting their own business.  Any self-employed person will have a hard time at the bank, women more so …

What do you think the #MeToo movement needs to do in order to make a huge impact in women’s professional lives?

Women need to stand up and support each other, be truly solidary..  Until that happens, this movement will go nowhere.