A BCCTC Transformation

In summer 2018, the British Canadian Chamber of Trade and Commerce spearheaded a transformation process for the Chamber that builds on its decades-long history and solidifies its role as a business hub moving into the future.

This includes the launch of the new microsite to compliment the existing Website https://www.britishcanadianchamber.com/

The British Canadian Chamber of Trade and Commerce works with businesses in a broad range of sectors, including a substantial number of sectors that match up with both Canadian and UK government priorities for trade. One of our aims is to connect Canadian businesses with opportunities in the UK. Currently, trade opportunities are opening up in the UK in the context of Brexit and global efforts toward trade diversification more generally.

With the help of our members, the BCCTC is looking to broaden and solidify our business ties in the UK in order to better serve as a matchmaker putting Canadian businesses in touch with new opportunities for international expansion. Our tactics to this end include market research, a trade mission to Birmingham, participation in a major European business trade show (Going Global Live) and a post-Brexit conference, and the creation of new digital tools and an online outreach strategy to better take advantage of online community-building opportunities and provide digital matchmaking services.

Our desired outcomes are to create a more robust and dynamic set of business connections between the Canada and the UK, boost Canadian business success, and substantially increase the BCCTC’s effectiveness as a hub for trans-Atlantic business networking and opportunities, particularly using online tools.

This new International Business Development strategy will bring the BCCTC fully into the digital age. We have always been a traditional organization, in keeping with our English way of being and our nearly 60-year history. By bringing ourselves in line with industry trends and focusing on high-opportunity sectors, we will be able to create a bigger impact in our mission to connect Canadian companies with opportunities and educate them on how best to do business in the UK.

Market research will help us confirm which sectors we should focus on, and with the tools and tactics set out in this plan, we will be equipped to succeed in our subsequent plans. We will use social media to share our findings and successes with the Canadian business community as well via our partners around the world, in the UK, Europe, the US and selected Commonwealth countries. This IBD strategy will be updated in 2021.